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Patch Notes - Version 0.20.418 (November 24, 2020)

2020.11.24 21:20 RavenCurrent Patch Notes - Version 0.20.418 (November 24, 2020)

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2020.11.24 21:03 Paljor I found an obscure VBA library in the CAD program VISI

Hello everyone, like the title says I found a VBA library that I was not expecting to earlier this year.
The CAD software is called VISI which many of you may not have heard of. Its primarily used in the die stamping industry or the injection mold industry. From what it appears the parent company, Vero, is the one that made the library and it was updated until 2015 when Vero was bought out by Hexagon. I have not found any sources that document this library so earlier this year I made one. The subreddit is /VISI_CAD and I have managed to get VISI's entire VBA library put in the subreddits wiki (link here). Currently I am working on fleshing out each entry with code examples and a sentence or two for each property/method.
If any of you have VISI or work in a company that uses it, the software is really powerful when automated. Its clear that Vero put a lot of time and effort into making a wide reaching comprehensive library. They also ensured that it was faithfully updated with every new version of VISI until it was sold off. If you are interested in what this library can do I encourage you to swing on by /VISI_CAD!
Here are some examples of some things I have done with it so far. Please do not mind any inefficiencies you see in the structure of the code, I am still working on making my programming elegant.
Sub Run_Single() Dim Bottom As Long Dim V_App As New VISIApplication Dim VPoint As New VISIPoint Dim VClone As New VISIPoint Dim VEle As New VISIElement Dim VData As New VISIDatabase Dim VAtt As New VISIAttribute Dim LoopNum As Long Dim XCoord As Double Dim YCoord As Double Dim ZCoord As Double Dim Axis As String Dim Counter As Long Dim ColumnNum As Long Dim LayerNum As Long Dim ColumnCount As Long Bottom = Sheets("CMM Data").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row ColumnCount = PartCount + 2 'Finds the X, Y, & Z data in the cells and draws it in excel on the correct layer For ColumnNum = 2 To ColumnCount LayerNum = ColumnNum - 2 V_App.WorkingLayer = LayerNum For LoopNum = 3 To Bottom Axis = Sheets("CMM Data").Range("A" & LoopNum).Value2 'All VISI data is calculated internally as meters, the point data is in mm so divide by 1000. If Axis = "X" Then XCoord = Sheets("CMM Data").Cells(LoopNum, ColumnNum).Value2 XCoord = XCoord / 1000 ElseIf Axis = "Y" Then YCoord = Sheets("CMM Data").Cells(LoopNum, ColumnNum).Value2 YCoord = YCoord / 1000 ElseIf Axis = "Z" Then ZCoord = Sheets("CMM Data").Cells(LoopNum, ColumnNum).Value2 ZCoord = ZCoord / 1000 ElseIf Axis = "" Then Exit Sub End If If XCoord <> Blank And YCoord <> Blank And ZCoord <> Blank Then VPoint.X = XCoord VPoint.Y = YCoord VPoint.Z = ZCoord Set VClone = VPoint.Clone VEle.Type = 1 VEle.Data = VClone VData.WorkElement = VEle VAtt.Init 1 VData.WorkAttribute = VAtt If LayerNum = 0 Then VData.WorkAttribute.ColorIndex = 37 End If VData.AppendElement VData.Update VData.Draw XCoord = 0 YCoord = 0 ZCoord = 0 End If Next LoopNum Next ColumnNum V_App.UpdateSolidsOnScreen V_App.SaveFile OpenPath, 0 End Sub 
This subroutine is part of an autopoint program, one of the first programs I made with the library. I am a CMM programmeoperator so when my machine picks up measurements points in PC-DMIS it spits them out into excel with the points X, Y and Z coordinates. I have other subroutines that clean up that data giving me a nice list of only the X, Y, Z coordinates. Then the VISI model that I used to align the machine gets a bunch of points drawn in and saved so its easy to tell where the part should be and where it is actually measuring. I have other subroutines for A LH/RH part setup and a 2-out to 6-out setup.
Sub Retrieve_Assembly_Atts() Dim V_Body As New VISIBody Dim V_Assem As New VISIAssemblyManager Dim VSolidF As New VISISolidFactory Dim SolidsList As New VISIList Dim BodyID As Long Dim TagID As Long Dim Index As String Dim Desc As String Dim Amt As String Dim Dimensions As String Dim Matl As String Dim Heat As String Dim Supply As String Dim ResultBody As New VISIBody Dim ListCount As Long Dim BodyList As Integer Dim LoopNum As Long Dim Bottom As Long Dim ExcelNum As Long BodyList = 7 'reads every body into a list, counts the # of items, and makes a result list VSolidF.ReadAllSolids ListCount = VSolidF.ResultList.Count SolidsList.Init ListCount, BodyList Set SolidsList = VSolidF.ResultList 'loops through every solid on the list extracting metadata attached by Designer For LoopNum = 1 To ListCount ExcelNum = LoopNum + 1 Set ResultBody = VSolidF.ResultList.Item(LoopNum) BodyID = ResultBody.GetExistingBodyID TagID = ResultBody.Tag V_Assem.GetValueBySolidEntity BodyID, AM_PRICE, Index If Index <> "" Then Sheets("VISI Data").Range("A" & ExcelNum).Value2 = Index V_Assem.GetValueBySolidEntity BodyID, AM_CODE, Amt Sheets("VISI Data").Range("B" & ExcelNum).Value2 = Amt V_Assem.GetValueBySolidEntity BodyID, AM_DESCRIPTION, Desc Sheets("VISI Data").Range("D" & ExcelNum).Value2 = Desc V_Assem.GetValueBySolidEntity BodyID, AM_MATERIAL, Matl Sheets("VISI Data").Range("E" & ExcelNum).Value2 = Matl V_Assem.GetValueBySolidEntity BodyID, AM_TREATMENT, Heat Sheets("VISI Data").Range("F" & ExcelNum).Value2 = Heat V_Assem.GetValueBySolidEntity BodyID, AM_SUPPLIER, Heat Sheets("VISI Data").Range("G" & ExcelNum).Value2 = Heat V_Assem.GetValueBySolidEntity BodyID, AM_DIMENSIONS, Dimensions Sheets("VISI Data").Range("C" & ExcelNum).Value2 = Dimensions If UCase(Dimensions) = "BURNOUT" Then If Matl = "4140" Then OnlyHRS = 1 End If End If Sheets("VISI Data").Range("I" & ExcelNum).Value2 = TagID End If Next Bottom = Sheets("VISI Data").Cells(Rows.Count, 9).End(xlUp).Row LoopNum = 2 'Removes blank rows between bits of metadata pasted to excel For LoopNum = Bottom To 2 Step -1 If Sheets("VISI Data").Range("A" & LoopNum) = "" Then Rows(LoopNum).EntireRow.Delete ElseIf Sheets("VISI Data").Range("A" & LoopNum) = "0" Then Rows(LoopNum).EntireRow.Delete End If Next LoopNum Sheets("VISI Data").Columns("A:I").HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter End Sub 
This subroutine is from a stocklist tool I made. It will go through every solid body in the file and pull its attributes. In VISI attributes are pieces of information the design team attaches to certain bodies in VISI. For instance, a purchased item like a sensor would have an order code, supplier name, index number, and amount to order attached to it. Later on it cleans this data and checks through things like the amounts to order and ensures that the amount listed matches the number of bodies in the file. This is a quick way to prevent wrong orders and has saved the design team several times so far. The program will then create and fill out all the necessary order sheets in a few seconds.
Sub C41_Exception() Dim VBody As New VISIBody Dim TLength As Double Dim HRatio As Double Dim dblPI As Double Dim LoopNum As Long Dim Edge As New VISIEdge Dim EleType As String Dim VEle As New VISIElement Dim SecEle As New VISIElement Dim SpLength As Double Dim DivideBy As Double Dim RList As New VISIList Dim ShankDist As Double Dim Ltol As Double Dim UTol As Double If EorM = 1 Then DivideBy = 1000 Else DivideBy = 39.37 End If 'call body using tag VBody.Tag = BlkTag RList.Init 10, 6 'this section sets up the approximation of an ellipse shape based on Ramanujan's second ellipse derivative dblPI = WorksheetFunction.Pi HRatio = ((R1Num - R2Num) / (R1Num + R2Num)) ^ 2 TLength = (dblPI * (R1Num + R2Num)) * (1 + ((3 * HRatio) / (10 + (Sqr((4 - (3 * HRatio))))))) TLength = TLength / DivideBy TLength = Round(TLength, 4) 'This section finds all the edges on the body that match the above length For LoopNum = 1 To VBody.Edges.Count Set Edge = VBody.Edges.Item(LoopNum) EleType = TypeName(Edge.WireElement.Data) If EleType = "IVISIBSpline" Then Set VEle = Edge.WireElement SpLength = VEle.Length SpLength = Round(SpLength, 4) If TLength = SpLength Then RList.AddItem VEle End If End If Next LoopNum 'This section calculates the distance between the ellipse shapes to find the shank length If RList.Count = 2 Then Set VEle = RList.Item(1) Set SecEle = RList.Item(2) ShankDist = Sqr((VEle.StartPoint.X - SecEle.StartPoint.X) ^ 2) + _ ((VEle.StartPoint.Y - SecEle.StartPoint.Y) ^ 2) + _ ((VEle.StartPoint.Z - SecEle.StartPoint.Z) ^ 2) Ltol = ShankNum - 0.001 UTol = ShankNum + 0.001 If ShankDist = ShankNum Then Sheets("Results").Range("L" & RCount + 3).Value2 = "Yes" Sheets("Results").Range("L" & RCount + 4).Value2 = ShankNum Exit Sub ElseIf ShankDist >= Ltol And ShankDist <= UTol Then Sheets("Results").Range("L" & RCount + 3).Value2 = "Yes" Sheets("Results").Range("L" & RCount + 4).Value2 = ShankNum Exit Sub End If End If Sheets("Results").Range("L" & RCount + 3).Value2 = "No" Sheets("Results").Range("L" & RCount + 4).Value2 = ShankNum End Sub 
This subroutine is a small part of my largest program yet. The order codes I mentioned above for the stocklist tool are hand typed in by the design team. This means that sometimes they are entered in wrong. I made a tool to check one of our largest suppliers order codes to the bodies in the VISI file. It will find every body in the file that comes from that supplier, get its order code, and run a series of checks on it to ensure that the drawn body matches the order code. It does things like checking the diameter and length of the object as compared to its diameter and length callouts on the order code. It then returns its results on an excel sheet with the numbers and a "Pass" or "Fail" which the sheet marks in either green or red respectively.
I hope these examples show the power of the VISI VBA library. Happy coding!
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2020.11.24 20:42 RobinAnonymous I’m an actor in REDACTED and my castmates are no longer human.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
My name is [REDACTED], but you know me as Rory. And that's how I'll stay through these accounts.
I've worried for a long time that I'm losing my mind, and now I'm terrified that I'm losing my body too. My lungs feel starved of oxygen, and yet I can breathe. My breaths feel mechanical, like something is embedded deep inside my chest, breathing for me. There is blood all over the fucking screen, and yet somehow, I'm still here. I'm still typing to you even if I feel like I'm falling apart.
I'm sitting in a small bathroom stall.
The walls are covered in my own gory handprints, like a scene from a horror movie.
I know they're after me. They know I got away. They know I'm not with the others, and they're coming for me. So, I'm going to do what I promised [REDACTED], even when she wasn't there when I made that oath. I am going to keep updating you for as long as I can.
I'm not going to let her down.
My castmates deserve that.
Because they're not Noah Keaton, Robin Harley, Lana Faraday, and Isabelle Bright.
Those names are works of fiction. These names are ones you know.
It's who I know them as.
Who they have always been to me.
Attached to their names are memories I'm being forced to forget; I can almost feel them fading, disappearing down the drain in my mind. I will hold onto them for as long as I can.
You know us. At least some of you do. You have seen our faces on social media. You know our TV show. You know the controversy surrounding it. Telling you who we are is so easy, and I understand how frustrated [REDACTED] must have been. Our identities are the only hurdle. If our names weren't blanked out, we would have been saved by now, and I wouldn't be here. Wondering if there's still a chance I can save them. And then remembering what I've seen.
What led me here.
I'm not doing too good right now, so this update will be a mess. I'll start from the last time I wrote to you, and I'll try and tell you everything as clearly as I can.
That night, I refused to sleep in the bed provided. When I pulled back the blankets, there were wrist and ankle straps hanging from the sides. I grabbed a pillow and blanket, curling up on the floor. It wasn't comfortable. I didn't sleep because Robin's phone kept vibrating with replies to my post.
I didn't believe what you wrote about Noah. I was in denial. Hell, I was in denial about a lot of things. After replying to your comments, I realized they weren't appearing, and I automatically suspected James.
So, I switched off the phone, and shoved it back in my pocket. I thought about a lot of things that night. Mainly Robin and Noah. They were downstairs, probably filled with a cocktail of mind-numbing drugs. Part of me wanted to try and break out of the room and find them. But the rest of me just wanted to sleep. I was exhausted, and so much had happened in such a small amount of time. The fan was still on my mind. Sabrina, she had told me in the comments. I couldn't stop thinking about her note. If she was legit.
Could a fan really save us? Was a particularly hysterical thought.
God knows how long I lay there freezing my ass off. Before I knew it, the darkness was replaced with the dim morning light of a late fall morning, and James was standing over me with his signature smirk. I wondered how much trouble I'd get in for kicking him in the balls, but then I realised it wouldn't even matter. Soon enough, I would be mindless and thoughtless like the others. Again. It was a mystery why it had not worked the first time, but I was almost positive my body wasn't going to reject it a second time.
"Good morning." He leaned forward with his arms behind his back, as if he were hiding something. James' gaze flicked to the bed, and then me. "I'm sorry, was the bed not comfortable?"
I wasn't in the mood for pleasantries. Scowling, I tried to get up, but James shoved me back down, placing the sole of his shoe firmly on my chest. When I struggled, he pressed down harder. My chest tightened and I gave up, letting my head hit the rough carpet
James was triumphant. He loomed over me, grinning from ear to ear. He reminded me of one of those cartoon villains. "Oh, don't bother getting up, Rory," he bent down and ruffled my hair with a little laugh. "Doctor Sykes was about to administer a relaxant."
His words sent ice slithering down my spine, but I kept my expression passive. "Noah and Robin," I said, trying not to look the bastard in the eye. "Where are they?"
The door flung open, and I only glimpsed plimsols at the corner of my vision, before the crackhead doctor, or "Doctor Sykes" was kneeling next to me. In one hand was a needle, and the other, a glass of water. "Sit up, boy." he commanded, and I did without protest. I don't know why my body responds to them so easily. I can't stop it, it's like I'm on autopilot. Sitting up, I wrapped my arms around myself, glaring the doctor down.
He offered me a wide smile. "Now Rory, what we're going to do this morning, is try a reinsertion." with a cheerful bop of his head, he nodded to the glass of water.
"Drink this first. Your body needs to be hydrated."
I shook my head, swallowing bile. "Where are Noah and Robin?" I demanded. When Sykes tried to hand me the glass of water I shuffled back, wrapping my arms around my legs.
"He's a child." James muttered after a moment. "If Rory doesn't want to drink the water, don't give him it," his voice was hard. "If you really want to hydrate the body, Sykes, do it when he's under. It's not fucking rocket science."
I curled my lip in disgust and he chuckled.
"I preferred it when you were submissive," James said. "Or when you at least pretended to be under the effects of the pill." cocking his head to the side, he frowned at me like I was a child acting out. "Right now, you're acting like a pathetic little kid."
"Marley-" Sykes started to say, but James shook his head with a sigh, before snatching the needle off the doctor and lowering himself in front of me.
Being so close to him sent my heart racing, and I panicked, struggling to get away. His hand whipped out, bony fingers fisting a handful of my hair and tugging violently, so I was looking him in the eye. “I’m not a monster, Rory," he murmured, giving another tug. This time I did cry out, my own hands battering at his grip. "But if you do not give me your arm, I will take you to see Noah and Robin, and believe me they are not a pretty sight right now. They're unfinished, so I'm afraid seeing them would probably break what little soul you have left." his smile broadened, eyes glittering with unkempt lunacy.
"Are we clear, hmm? Or do you want me to spell it out for you and waste more time?"
"Unfinished?" I managed to choke out. His words sent my thoughts into a tailspin. I barely felt the pain of his hand clawing at my scalp. "What...what do you mean by that?"
James tightened his grip, ragging me like a doll. "I said, are we clear?"
With the gutter of my throat I gasped out, "We're clear."
"Good." He let go with a final tug, and I reluctantly held out a trembling arm. I felt the familiar pinch of the needle slipping into my skin, and the world around me went blurry. I was expecting it though. When my other arm fell limp, I didn't panic. When my vision turned cloudy, I blinked slowly, letting it happen. I don't remember hitting the floor, or James lifting me into his arms. I swayed for a while, and in my head, I wasn't thinking about reality. I wasn't thinking about what had happened to Noah and Robin, and what "unfinished" meant. No. Instead, I was thinking about the safari I had gone on as a kid. I remember sitting on an elephant’s back, under a blazing blue sky.
My mum and dad were on the elephant in front of me. My eyes had been pinpointed on the elephant’s tail swinging back and forth. In the muddle of my mind, I was on its back.
Watching its tail swing back and forth.
Back and forth.
My eyes started stinging. When I sniffled, James made a remark, but his voice was faded. It was like water trickling through cupped hands, seeping away before I could register it. All I could do was sway, my flickering vision taking in parched white corridors and silver staircases.
I counted James' footsteps as I swung, but the numbers were tangling in my brain. I couldn't make sense of them. He took several sharp turns before carrying me through a set of automatic double doors. When I felt the cool graze of breeze on my flushed cheeks, I allowed myself a sharp breath of relief. It wasn't much, but it felt so good to be outside. The crunch of tarmac under James' feet kept me anchored to reality.
Confused, I moved my head, struggling to figure out where we were going. We were outside, I kept thinking. Freedom. But when I twisted my head around, I was seeing high chain-link fences and a blur of black standing in a line.
Guards. My head spun and I struggled to swallow vomit climbing up my throat. All of this was for the five of us?
In front of me was a glass building around five stories high. More automatic doors. The smell of bleach hit me automatically, and then James was treading on fancy marble flooring. Something cool blasted me in the face. Air con. The lights were too bright.
More swaying. More identical looking corridors that seemingly went on forever.
I held my breath, unable to stop myself tremoring in his arms. When I was shoved onto something cold, I already knew what it was. The back of my head hit scratchy leather, and I bit back a cry. A leather strap was fastened over my torso, and then one across my forehead, forcing my neck against the padding. Above me were two circles of white light and to my left side was a table lain out with silver instruments. My body jolted slightly, but the drugs held me captive.
When I opened my mouth to cry out, I only managed a whimper.
"The others," James said casually, when he was checking my wrists and ankles were secure under the restraints. The writer shot me a bright smile when my eyes flashed to him. He winked. "They're coming along quite nicely as prototypes! I can't wait for their final models."
Unable to speak, I could only stare at him. The words, "What are you talking about?!" were on my lips, but I couldn't speak. My tongue felt like it was swelling up.
"What?" James chuckled. "No response? Would you like me to tell you what I've done to them?" He leaned close, his breath reeking of garlic. "All you have to do is talk to me, Rory. Go on! Say something. Why don't you use that venomous mouth on me, hmm?"
I couldn't. And he knew that.
With a knowing smirk, James held his finger to his lips before straightening up. "Wait your turn, Mr Gallagher. It won't be long before you'll be joining them."
Doctor Sykes hurried in, stationing himself next to James. Tufts of his grey hair poked from a light blue surgical cap. He got to work preparing an IV, sticking it in my wrist. “His brain needs to settle, so I'm going to give him a steady drip of anaesthetic. I can monitor him before I attempt the reinsertion."
James nodded. "I trust you can complete the procedure without my help?" his gaze flicked to me, his lips quirking into a vindictive smile. "I'm needed elsewhere."
"Go." Sykes gestured to the door. "I can assure you when you're back, the boy's body will be ready to enter the remodelling stage."
"He better be." James shot me one last smile.
"If not, we'll have no choice but to introduce more pressing measures."
The writer left, his words sending my already cloudy head spinning.
I was left with the crackhead doctor, who buzzed around me like an out of control pinball machine. He pulled out a surgical mask and put in on, his grey eyes shining.
"Oh, don't be so glum!" he smiled brightly, before pressing a mask over my mouth and nose. When I panicked, the doctor chuckled and leaned over me, his eyes sparkling. I expected both he and James were taking the same loony pills. "There is no reason to be scared, young man. It's a little like going to sleep, okay? Think of it as a long nap."
Yeah, that I would never wake from.
The drugs were wearing off. I opened my mouth, my throat dry. "What did..." I struggled to speak through the mask, my voice muffling. "What did you do to the others?"
Sykes pulled back his mask for a moment and shot me a "wouldn't you like to know" grin, before snapping it back in place. The doctor grabbed a big white machine I'd been eyeing warily, with both hands and pushed it into position above my right eye. I couldn't breathe. The contraption was all silver, all blades. I could only blink back at it, swallowing the screech building in my throat. Then, with his smile obvious in the pinch of his mask and the twinkle in his eyes, Sykes ruffled my hair like I was a dog. "That's right." he gave me a patronising pat. "Just let go, son."
"Doctor Sykes." A mechanical voice I didn't know dancing on static, sounded out. I flailed manically, struggling to sit up. "What percentage is the emptying?"
The doctor pulled off his mask. "Not yet commenced," he replied. "He's fighting, sir." He let out a dramatic sigh. "You were right about Gallagher. He's not like the others."
"I see." a pause. "What about the reinsertion?"
"I'm letting his brain settle first. Though I'm setting up the reinsertion now. Mr Marley is impatient."
"Is Mr Gallagher restrained?"
Sykes scoffed. "Of course. He is conscious and disoriented. The emptying process will be slow, since right now, he appears to be stronger than the Neurological Barrier."
"Good. I need to see you regarding an urgent matter. You are not contracted to leave your post normally, but this is important."
"I... uh..." Sykes jumped into action, nodding. He shut off the machine before stumbling over to me. I felt his fingers prodding at my wrist, making sure the needle was secure.
"I'll be right there."
When he was gone, I managed to sit up, a fresh wave of panic setting my heart on fire.
I needed to get out.
That's all I could think. I needed to find Robin and Noah.
With growing frustration, I tugged violently at my restraints, a cry ripping from my throat. Except with every pull, every shriek choking my lungs, I felt more helpless. I wrenched at the leather straps pinning me down. Then, when something loosened around my left wrist, I tried again, straining under the ties. With them less constrict, I managed to slip one wrist free.
I squeezed my lips together, muffling a shout of victory. With my free hand I wrenched the other from the restraints and tried to sit up but was immediately yanked back down by the velcro straps pinned across my torso and forehead. Panting into harsh plastic, I yanked off the oxygen mask and sucked in precious gasps of air. Then I pulled out the IV, ignoring the stinging pain when I ripped out the needle. Blood ran down my arm, an intense scarlet stream, but I didn’t care.
My shaking hands worked quickly, undoing the restraints around my ankles and torso, before I threw my legs off the chair, tumbling to the floor. My legs were weak, but I forced myself to stay on my feet, a fresh dose of adrenaline keeping me going. I could barely stand, but forcing one foot in front of the other, I found the door and yanked it open, peering into an expanse of white.
My eyes were still foggy, blurry from the drugs. I blinked rapidly, trying to grab my bearings; a long winding corridor where the doors seemed to blend into the walls stood out in front of me.
Quickening my stride, I found myself breaking into a stumbled run, James' cutting words playing like a stuck record in the back of my mind.
"Robin and Noah are in quite a state right now. They're unfinished."
What did that mean? My thoughts whirred, struggling to articulate an answer.
There was a set of doors at the end of the corridor. I entered without thinking.
The place I found myself in had a sterile smell to it that tingled in my nose. It was built like a mad scientist’s laboratory, a warehouse like room, the ceiling stretching for far beyond my line of sight. Motion sensor lights flickered on one by one, and I started forwards, automatically looking for my castmates. But the place was dead. There was a chill in the air sending shivers crawling up my spine.
Everything seemed to be lit up in smouldering golden light. Every surface was glass and metal, test tubes and beakers glistening on steel surfaces. There were screens dotting the perimeter displaying readings I couldn't make sense of. It reminded me of that cartoon I used to watch. The one about the little kid with his own laboratory. Everything inside me told me to leave. But something glued my feet to the floor. I couldn’t stop, mystified by each surface and machine. I walked past them, hesitantly, whipping my head back and forth, searching for pursuers. Beyond the strange looking computers, there were hundreds of metal shelves stacked with what looked like large jars.
I found myself heading down the first of multiple aisles. When my vision cleared, I blinked, squinting at what was displayed. Each jar glistened in the light, projecting my reflection staring back.
And then I realised what I was staring at.
My chest heaved. Something inside me snapped, and I twisted around gagging, bringing up nothing but bile. I was on my knees, choking, a phantom cry ripping from my lips. But I couldn’t cry out. My body had stiffened, my mind going into fight or flight. Except I couldn’t move. All I could do was stare at what was neatly packed in rows, almost like a library. Like some sick fuck had sorted them alphabetically. On each shelf, displayed in glass jars were thousands of human brains. They hovered in clear liquid tinged red; light pink horrors staring back at me. Each jar was labelled with a name, but I couldn’t look at them. I couldn’t do it. Stumbling away from them, I crashed into another shelf.
That time, it was easier to stop myself gagging. But bile still slithered up my throat. In front of me, instead of human brains, were eyes. Human eyes trapped in small, sealed jars.
My vision went blurry. My head spun. It almost felt like I was dancing, twirling around frantically, trying to find the exit.
The next thing I saw were metal beds. But they weren’t empty.
On them were husks of bodies where their insides had been scooped out. Some of them were headless, limbless. Some were just heads sitting on bloodstained metal.
I don’t know how I found the exit. I don’t even know if it was the exit.
All I remember is stumbling out of the room, struggling to breathe, trying to keep my gut from projecting from my mouth. This time, I was in what looked like a conference room. There was a long metal table surrounded by chairs in front of a whiteboard covered in scrawled notes in marker pen.
Voices hit my ears, and I panicked, diving under the table.
“These are the other two prototypes?”
I recognised that voice. It was the man from the presentation.
I pressed my hand over my mouth.
He sounded triumphant. He was talking about Noah and Robin, I realised. The overwhelming urge to risk a glance came over me, but I forced myself to stay put.
“And they’re empty?” The man sounded impatient. “They better, James. I’m growing tired of your promises.”
“See for yourself, Mr Dalton.” James murmured. “Go on. Talk to them.”
Dalton huffed. There was a pause before, “Young man, what is your name?”
“Will Montgomery.”
Noah’s voice sent my heart into my throat. He sounded like my best friend, but there was something… wrong. Something robotic. Something inhuman. I had to bite back a hiss.
Dalton hummed. “Alright, and how old are you, Will?”
Noah didn’t hesitate. “I’m sixteen years old.”
Dalton let out a startled laugh. “Fascinating!” He hissed. “This is Noah Keaton? Didn’t he have you by the balls just a few months ago? I was told the little brat found out your little project,” he chuckled. “He’s just like the others!” his tone was full of glee. “And you, sweetie! What is your name?”
“Katie Parker!” Robin’s voice was sickly sweet. Nothing like her actual one. It was laced with enough sugar to make me gag.
“Wow. They’re certainly something!” Dalton chuckled. “Are they ready for the presentation? What about Gallagher?”
James cleared his throat. He clearly hadn’t been expecting the man to bring up my absence. Even if I was the main character. “Ahh, of course. We have a slight problem with Gallagher. His brain- “
Dalton snorted. His voice grew cold. “Five prototypes are what I was promised, so I expect five prototypes. Has Gallagher been emptied?”
James sighed.
“He was. But before we could reach stage four, his mind was able to fight off the programming.”
“Mr Marley, I’ve invited a lot of important people. And they’re not going to be happy if Rory Gallagher is not on that stage. So, whatever you can do, make it happen. I want him emptied. Do you understand me?”
There was a pause, before James coughed lightly. “Yes, of course Mr Dalton.”
“Have the hosts been sanctified of disease? The bodies must stay in perfect condition.”
Sanctified? What the hell did that mean?
“Yes, I’ve been feeding them a cleanse through an IV. They’re pristine.”
“And their diet?”
“They’re given the nutrients they need through a single vitamin.”
“Huh.” Dalton made a noise of approval. “I like them. And remember, I want Gallagher for the presentation this afternoon. He is Mac after all. We can’t have [REDACTED] without Mac.”
James laughed. But I could tell he was nervous. “Yes, Gallagher is being emptied as we speak, and then we will attempt the reinsertion. Now, allow me to get you a drink! The other two prototypes are back at the studio- “
When the sound of footsteps faded, and I was sure I was alone, I jumped up to be faced with Noah and Robin. But not how I remembered them. They stood in front of the whiteboard, unblinking.
Noah’s skin glistened, unnatural, glowing. Robin’s lips were plump. Perfect. They were dolls. The two of them were dressed in white; Noah wore a sleeveless shirt and pants, and Robin a pristine dress. All the hair had been removed from their skin. Every flaw was gone. Robin’s freckles. The mole Noah always complained about, the one above his left brow. Their hair looked unnaturally coloured, an erratic mix of raven and blonde which dragged the breath from my lungs.
I grabbed hold of Noah, my eyes stinging. I wasn’t going to fucking cry, but tears were already trickling down my cheeks. “We’re going.” I gasped out, squeezing his shoulders.
When he didn’t even blink, when his eyes didn’t move, and I don’t even think he breathed, I lost it.
The first punch hit him in the stomach. But he still didn’t move. It was like his body was suspended, a puppet on strings I couldn’t fucking see. “Hey!” I was screaming then, uncaring that I was going to attract attention. I shook him violently, until my hands slipped away, and I let out a sharp cry.
You were right. That’s when it hit me. You said Noah was dead. You said he was gone, and I didn’t believe you.
But looking at him then, looking at his empty eyes dyed a whole other shade of blue that wasn’t his natural shade. That permanent fucking smirk. I knew it wasn’t him.
I didn’t bother with Robin. If I did, I would have broken apart. I grabbed her hand, and just feeling how cold she was, and looking at her plastic grin, I let go of her like she was contagious.
There was a mug of coffee on the table, and I grabbed it, hurling it at the wall.
I saw red. Everything in my line of vision was streaking red, and I couldn’t see from the tears blurring my eyes. My chest was heaving. I remember finding something sharp. I don’t know what It was, but it sliced through my hand. I didn’t care. I didn’t give a fuck. I was inches from Noah’s face, and in my clenched fist was a blade. Pressing pressure below his eye, my shaking hand struggled to find the right trajectory to cut. Get it out. That’s all I could think. I had to get that thing out of Noah.
“Mr Gallagher.”
His voice startled me, and I twisted around, baring my teeth like an animal.
James was standing in the doorway looking unimpressed. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” He started forwards. “If you take out the program, there will be nothing but an empty shell.”
The writer pulled a face. “Which I know you don’t want to see.” He cocked his head, his expression feigning sympathy. “Your castmates are gone, Rory. Even if I were to attempt a reversal procedure, their bodies have been turned into armour for the program. A normal human consciousness would go mad if it were to be put back. Therefore, I was wary of showing you their final models.”
I started laughing. Hysterical bubbles of laughter climbed up my throat, and I choked on it. “You’re lying.” I spat, waving the blade when he tried to start towards me. “Don’t come any closer!” I cried out, holding the blade to my own face. “How about I slice open myself up, huh?”
I was breathless. “Then…then you won’t need me, right?”
James shook his head. “Rory don’t be ridiculous. Of course we have the technology to fix up your face if you were to have an accident.”
I didn’t drop the blade. “You’re lying.” I repeated through gritted teeth. “You’re lying to me!”
“Am I not?” James cleared his throat. “Rory, like I said, we are using technology which is the stuff of sci-fi. But if I must explain, there are three implants; the first one is of course the program. Then, when the character is fully inserted, we installed two more. This time at the base of the neck. The second one turns off basic human requirements, and the third acts as a shield. So, nothing can happen to them.” He spread out his arms. “Hand me the blade and I’ll be pleased to demonstrate.”
I shook my head. “Fuck you.” I gritted out, gesturing behind me. “What you did.... in there...”
His expression didn’t change. “In there is the work of an organisation, not just me. You have to understand, to make this project possible, it meant we would have to make sacrifices.”
The names I’d suppressed, the ones labelling the jars, ones I knew.
I thought he was in Australia.
When in reality, he’d been cut up. His body preserved for the next experiment.
Something warm slipped from my nose, but I barely noticed it.
“Rory.” James tutted. “Young man, you’re bleeding. We should get you back to Doctor Sykes.”
I stumbled back. Something told me to grab Robin’s hand. But I couldn’t bring myself to. “No.” I said, slurring slightly. Blood continued to run from my nose and my vision went funny, but I stood my ground.
“Fine.” James rolled his eyes, before pulling something out of his own pocket.
A flash-drive. It was like a kick in the gut. The one Robin had buried. The one containing Noah.
He dangled it between two fingers, like he was teasing a little kid. “Robin is smart, I’ll give her that. Now, you’re going to follow me to the lab, where you will undergo stage four, or I will crush Noah Keaton’s mind beneath my shoe. I despise the boy, but he is intelligent. His consciousness may come in handy. With some minor adjustments, I could sell him to HBO. Of course, if a body is available. But if you do not give yourself in, I will permanently get rid of him. And I mean permanently.”
James dropped the flash drive onto the floor. It hit the marble with a crack, and I struggled to cry out, blood still staining my hands. The flow was heavy, and I started to feel dizzy.
I was going to faint.
“Tick tock, Mr Gallagher.”
I don’t remember surrendering. All I can recall is the bastard opening his arms and pulling me into a hug. I fell against him, my body giving up on me. I blacked out for a while and slipped into consciousness before I was back under the two circles of light. I was restrained to metal this time.
Nothing comforting blanketed my head, only cold steel.
Something was pressed against my mouth and nose, muffling my panicked gasps.
“Take everything, and do an insertion,” James’s voice sounded like it was underwater. I felt something scratchy against my right eye. The nib of a marker pen drawing an X.
“I don’t want one morsel of his mind left. And when you’re done, don’t even bother with uploading like the others. Just trash it. We’ll wait until after the presentation to finalise the body. Get on with it before he haemorrhages again.”
“No.” I managed to moan under the mask.
James’ expression was illuminated under the light. He pulled back my mask with a sneer, leaning forward. “Yes.” He chuckled, before snapping it back in place. I winced when I saw the front of the mask sticky scarlet with my blood.
James carded his fingers through my hair. “Think about it like this; you were never good for anything really, were you? Young Hollywood stars like yourselves don’t understand how good you have it. Just like the others. Noah was a narcissistic brat who asked far too many questions. Lana and Isabelle were more interested in building an influencing career, and Robin- dear Robin. She was a little troublemaker. A thorn in my side. "
Playing with strands of my hair, James sighed. "You will all be serving a purpose, let it be known. You will shine on [REDACTED] And I will be eternally grateful for your service.”
I stared at him through flitting eyelids. “You’re a fucking psycho.”
“Do it.” James spat at the doctor.
I started to struggle, pulling at the wrist and ankle straps.
“No. No, you’re not- “
I choked on the rest.
“Too late now, Mr Gallagher.” James was laughing. He was laughing, and I wanted to wrap my hands around his throat until his eyes bulged, until the bastard begged for his own breath.
“Now, be a good boy, and sleep.”
Something was inserted into my arm, and I drifted into the dark.
They must have been fucking with my brain because my thoughts drifted back to The Before. When I was nothing but an actor trying to make it in LA, a C list celebrity recognised because of my character. The memories were vivid, warm air licking at my bare arms. I was heading down Hollywood Boulevard, my steps erratic. I think I was subconsciously playing don’t step on the cracks.
Something was warm, nursing my hands. Coffee.
Then a voice. My own. It shattered the memory, breaking into my skull.
My apartment later?”
I already knew what came next. There was someone next to me, a shadow bleeding into the sidewalk, that head of raven curls I loved sticking from a baseball cap.
Noah turned to me with his usual smirk. “Yeah, sure. I just need to talk to Derek for a bit.”
I laughed. Loudly. Some girl I passed shot me an odd look.
“You’re never confused when you get your script. Mate, you get the normal lines.”
Noah shoved me, and I almost stumbled over.
“And I’m not allowed to check?”
Scoffing, I took a sip of coffee, my lips twisting into a grin.
“Teachers pet.”
“Asshole.” Noah laughed, nudging me
“Hey, have you seen Avery lately?”
“Not since a few days ago. Why?”
Noah took a sip of coffee. “I have a bad feeling.”
I groaned. “Because of Avery? Dude, he probably hooked up with some guy and forgot to charge his phone.”
“Still though.” Noah murmured. He raised his brows. “It’s always safe to check, right?”
The memory fell away quickly, and I was left to grab onto the name, this time it was reachable. Avery. A guy around Noah’s age with brown curly hair and a nervous smile popped into my head.
How the fuck did I forget him?
Before I could register that thought, voices slipped into my thought process.
“Sir, it’s not working. Whatever I do- “
I wanted to hold onto the voice and push myself out of the fog, but before I could, another memory enveloped me. This time I was sitting on the side of Lana’s swimming pool, my feet dipping in cool water. The stink of chlorine tingled in my nose, but I didn’t care. My head was spinning, and the sky looked strange. So many… stars. There was a pop song blasting, and I was swaying to it.
Heads up!”
Lana’s voice made me jump, and I almost toppled into glowing blue water, lit up by fancy pool lights. The girl broke the surface laughing, splashing me with water. But I was too drunk to care.
I only sent her the finger, and she rolled her eyes, diving back under.
“Alright, so now we’re all back, I want you all to promise me something.”
Someone nudged me, and I turned to find Noah sitting next to me; clearly drunk or maybe high, I couldn’t tell. He was holding a beer. Izzie was perched on his lap, practically straddling him, while Robin sat to my left, legs crossed. She was balancing a Margarita on her lap, a lazy smile on her face.
“What’s that?” Robin lay her head on my shoulder, strands of her hair tickling my neck.
Noah cleared his throat loudly. “Don’t trust the writers.”
“Huh?” Lana swam to the edge of the pool, resting her golden arms on the side.
Noah’s voice was suddenly serious, and I was briefly brought back to sobriety. Peering at him through foggy vision, I raised a brow. It took me a moment to realize he wasn’t kidding.
Noah leaned forward, his eyes darkening. He was no longer smiling.
“Trust me. I’m onto Derek. He knows something about Avery. It’s bullshit he left the show as soon as his character died,” He threw his beer in the pool. “They’re hiding something.” Turning to me, Noah looked directly at me. “They’re drugging us.”
“Here he goes with his conspiracy theories.” Izzie scoffed. “We believe you, babe.”
My castmate rolled his eyes, playfully jerking his knee so the girl nearly tumbled off his lap. She squeaked, wrapping her arms around him. “Isabelle. Shush.” He smirked. “Listen to me. I have gaps in my memory, and I bet you guys do too. They’re drugging us. They’ve been doing it for a while.”
“And how do you know this?” My own voice. This time I sounded serious.
Noah turned to me.
“Just trust me, okay? I’m going to figure out what’s going on.”
The fog lifted. When it did, I found myself standing once again. In front of me were silk curtains, and I panicked, looking down at myself. I was dressed up again, this time in a black short sleeved tee and jeans. But something was… wrong. I felt weird and light. Next to me were the others, dressed in a variety of smart formal dress. Perfect hair. Perfect skin. It didn’t take me long to realise I was back behind curtains, ready for the final presentation. I could hear chatter from behind the curtain.
The audience. The ones who were going to see us. See my castmates who might as well have been corpses.
With panic twisting my gut, I stumbled out of formation. The back of my neck was stinging.
When I passed Robin, something caught my eye; printed below her elbow were the words:
I looked away, swallowing a shriek.
I had to get the fuck out of there.
Managing to get backstage, I glimpsed signs for the REDACTED hotel. But it’s weird. My eyes were clearer than normal. I could perfectly see the letters for the hotel written in cursive font.
Starting towards some fancy doors which looked like they headed to the hotel reception and away from the conference theatre, I stopped dead when two men in suits crossed the room. I must have been at least several feet away from them, but I heard them perfectly.
“- Gallagher is broken.” The first man said with a sad shake of his head. “There’s nothing we can do. We’re putting him on stage, but as far as we’re concerned, he is a failure. His brain will not submit to the program. The presentation had to be moved to today because of Gallagher. We had to stop the remodelling halfway through. His brain won’t take it.”
The other man hummed.
“And what is Marley going to do?”
“Gallagher is worth millions. James is in talks with a Japanese doctor. But it requires removing the boy manually.”
“There is talk of a procedure called a prefrontal leukotomy.”
“Slice and dice, eh? Marley’s really going that far?”
“Looks like it.”
That was all I needed to hear.
I was off like a shot, and my body felt like it was flying. I was running, but it didn’t feel like it. Keeping my head down, I struggled to find an exit. But all I found were fancy glittering staircases.
The hotel’s name haunted me as I passed each sign, throwing myself past guests that I knew were there to see me. I didn’t realize I was crying, until I ran into an old woman.
“Young man!” Peering at me through beady eyes, she cocked her head. “Are you okay?”
Unable to stop myself, I spluttered out, “No” and a combination of word-vomit and real vomit was coming out of my mouth. I was halfway through telling her about brains in jars when a pair of hands grabbed me from behind and twisted me around. I flailed, knowing it was James, knowing I was going to get taken away again. Except the man was way younger than James.
He looked to be in his mid-thirties with dark hair peeking from a beanie. His expression was twisted, his eyes wide. “Rory.” His grip tightened on my shoulders, and I shook my head.
He searched my expression. “Rory. You’re Rory Gallagher.”
I only meant to push past him. But when I lunged forwards, the man was catapulted across the room, like some unseen force had thrown him back.
Someone cried out, but I was already staggering away.
I found the boy’s bathrooms, and then I started bleeding.
I still am bleeding. I can’t fucking stop.
Something is wrong with me. Something is really fucking wrong with me.
I feel like I’m not in control of my own body.
I need your help. Fuck. I need to know what that asshole is planning on doing to me next, because I’ve no idea what those men were talking about.
Who was that man? Why did he look like he knew me? Not just from TV, but something else.
What is wrong with me? What did they do to me? Why am I here, thinking, with my own thoughts, my own free-will, and my friends are empty puppets on strings? Why am I not like them?
I don’t think I can save my castmates, and it hurts. It really fucking hurts.
I know it sounds wrong, but I would have preferred them to die.
I would have preferred to die with them.
I’m scared I’m becoming like them.
Whatever the fuck they are.
Why am I broken? Why did I reject the program again?
I need to expose these bastards once and for all.
Noah taught me Morse code, and I know some of it.
I’m going to try and tell you at least what City I am in. If it gets blanked out, I’m fucked.
Dot, dot, dot, dash
Dot, dash
Dash, dot
Dash, dot, dash, dot
Dash, dash, dash
Dot, dot, dash
Dot, dot, dash
Dot, dash, dot
(after I post this, I’m planning to make a run for it. Please, if anyone is reading this knows what I should do with the others, tell me. Because I’m torn. I can’t leave them, but it’s killing me to even look at them). If where I am is not blanked out, please find us.
I’ll update as soon as I can.
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2020.11.24 19:54 loldudexdbruh Memory Game

import pygame, random, time # User-defined functions def main(): # initialize all pygame modules (some need initialization) pygame.init() # create a pygame display window pygame.display.set_mode((500, 400)) # set the title of the display window pygame.display.set_caption('Memory') # get the display surface w_surface = pygame.display.get_surface() # create a game object game = Game(w_surface) # start the main game loop by calling the play method on the game object game.play() # quit pygame and clean up the pygame window pygame.quit() # User-defined classes class Game: # An object in this class represents a complete game. def __init__(self, surface): # Initialize a Game. # - self is the Game to initialize # - surface is the display window surface object # === objects that are part of every game that we will discuss self.surface = surface self.bg_color = pygame.Color('black') self.FPS = 60 self.game_Clock = pygame.time.Clock() self.close_clicked = False self.continue_game = True # === game specific objects self.time = 0 self.board_size = 4 self.board = [] self.images = [] self.exposed=[] self.create_images() self.create_board() def create_board(self): width = self.surface.get_width()//5 height = self.surface.get_height()//4 for row_index in range(0,self.board_size): row = [] for col_index in range(0,self.board_size): x = col_index * width y = row_index * height tile = Tile(x,y,width,height,self.surface, self.images.pop(0)) row.append(tile) self.board.append(row) def create_images(self): for num in range(1, 9): self.images.append("image" + str(num) + ".bmp") self.images += self.images random.shuffle(self.images) def play(self): # Play the game until the player presses the close box. # - self is the Game that should be continued or not. while not self.close_clicked: # until player clicks close box # play frame self.handle_events() self.draw() if self.continue_game: self.update() self.decide_continue() self.game_Clock.tick(self.FPS) # run at most with FPS Frames Per Second def handle_events(self): # Handle each user event by changing the game state appropriately. # - self is the Game whose events will be handled events = pygame.event.get() for event in events: if event.type == pygame.QUIT: self.close_clicked = True if event.type == pygame.MOUSEBUTTONUP: self.handle_mouse_up(event.pos) def handle_mouse_up(self,event): for row in self.board: for tile in row: if tile.select(event) == False: self.surface.blit(pygame.image.load(tile.exposed),tile) self.exposed.append(tile) def draw(self): # Draw all game objects. # - self is the Game to draw- self.surface.fill(self.bg_color) # clear the display surface first self.draw_time() for row in self.board: for tile in row: tile.draw() pygame.display.update() # make the updated surface appear on the display def draw_time(self): time_string = str(self.time) font_size = 70 fg_color = pygame.Color('white') # game = Game(w_surface) # bg_color = pygame.Color('black') # Step 1 create a font object font = pygame.font.SysFont('',font_size) # SysFont is a function # Step 2 Creating a textbox by rendering the font text_box = font.render(time_string,True,fg_color,self.bg_color) # Step 3 Compute the location of top_right corner of the text_box on the target surface text_width = text_box.get_width() surface = self.surface.get_width() location = (surface - text_width,0) # Step 4 blit the image self.surface.blit(text_box,location) def update(self): # Update the game objects for the next frame. # - self is the Game to update match = True print(self.exposed) self.time = pygame.time.get_ticks()//1000 if len(self.exposed) == 2 and self.exposed[0].match(self.exposed[1]) == False : time.sleep(1) for tile in range(2): self.exposed[tile].cover_tile() match = False else: match = True self.exposed = [] #if len(self.exposed) == 2 and self.exposed[0].match(self.exposed[1]) == True: #time.sleep(1) #for tile in range(2): # self.exposed[tile].reveal_tile() #self.exposed = [] def decide_continue(self): # Check and remember if the game should continue # - self is the Game to check for row in self.board: for tile in row: tile.check_hidden() if not tile.check_hidden(): self.continue_game = False class Tile: # An object in this class represents a Tile def __init__(self, x, y, width, height, surface, exposed): # Initialize a tile to contain a ' ' # - x is the int x coord of the upper left corner # - y is the int y coord of the upper left corner # - width is the int width of the tile # - height is the int height of the tile # - surface is pygame.Surface object on which a Tile object is drawn on self.x = x self.y = y self.rect = pygame.Rect(x,y,width,height) self.surface = surface self.hidden = True self.hidden_image = pygame.image.load('image0.bmp') self.exposed = exposed def draw(self): # draws a Tile object # - self is the Tile object to draw color = pygame.Color('black') border_width = 5 pygame.draw.rect(self.surface,color,self.rect,border_width) if self.hidden: self.surface.blit(self.hidden_image, self.rect) if not self.hidden and self.match: self.surface.blit(pygame.image.load(self.exposed), self.rect) def select(self, position): # return if whether a Tile has been clicked on # - position is the coordinates of where the click occured # - self is the Tile object # - selected is a bool that returns True if the click event happened within the Tile if self.rect.collidepoint(position[0], position[1]): self.hidden = False return self.hidden def check_exposed_image(self): return self.exposed def check_hidden(self): return self.hidden def cover_tile(self): self.hidden = True def reveal_tile(self): self.hidden = False def match(self, other): if self.check_exposed_image() == other.check_exposed_image(): match = True else: match = False return match main() 
So I'm trying to make a memory game, but whenever I match 2 tiles, the program goes haywire and does not want to check if 2 tiles match anymore, instead it just exposes the tile whenever I click on a hidden tile.

any tips on how to fix this?
submitted by loldudexdbruh to programminghelp [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 19:52 ReDSoloCupTTV Reserve Spawns

This is AMAZING.. My load timer hit exactly 2:00 -- Awaiting Session Start -- POOF Spawn in queen, I check a couple server racks real quick, this geared dude pops up to the window, and just lights me up... This has been my gameplay all day, all week, all month... -- I'm so fed up with this game it' un real.. I'm on NA servers that I get all less than 60 ping too, and games on a SSD by itself and OBS, and OBS isn't even running.
I've done about 10 reserve raids in a row, 2 of them I was on time for, the rest were late spawns from about 15 seconds late to upwards of 2 minutes let, yet my matching Timer is never longer than 2:45 -- Most of the raids have been 2:00 in matching and poof deployed..
Servers in Tarkov are garbage. Hit Registration is garbage. Client Side Authoritive movement garbage. Desync is out of control.
Games been in Dev for 4 years the same issues still exist patch after patch after patch after fucking patch..
What do we get? Weapons and weapon attachments, before someone comments how the people doing weapons and stuff aren't the same people who do the technical updates I already know this, what i'm tired of is BSG having people work on things like guns and equipment when the game is in a terrible state.
There is no reason when I'm in a raid on a server I get 40 RTT on and about 75 PRTT on should I be late spawning. Or having to pump people full of bullets just to watch them skip across my screen without a care in the world, watch the damage register on their PMC and them just turn around and shoot me twice and I'm dead..
Hopefully next wipe is better, I doubt it but can only hope.
submitted by ReDSoloCupTTV to EscapefromTarkov [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 19:35 jc_223 [US-OH] [H] Keycool 84 W/ blue LED's and cherry MX Browns, Tai Hao Avatar Keycaps [W] Trades (preferred), PayPal

Hey MM,
EDIT: Updated second TS to show the board with the keycaps.
Updated KB Timestamp and Keycaps
Mainly looking for trades for Tai Hao keycap sets or possibly other MKB things or will sell for 40 + shipping. Looking to only ship to CONUS currently.
Looking to get rid of this Keycool 84. I used it as my work keyboard but ended up just bringing my custom build to work and no longer need this one. It has Blue LED's and Cherry MX Browns. The black keycaps on the mods and F row are the stock keycaps. I do have the full set of stock caps EXCEPT the "1" key.
Has some lube on the stabs and they sound 100x better than they did without lube. Could stand to be redone though.
Does have a crack in the back part of the top plastic bezel from when I took it off to clean it but once the top bezel is on it doesn't move or anything. This can be seen in the last photo.
Will come with the cable and shipped in the original box. Will also come with more of the white keycap set (not sure if all of the keycaps are there) as well as more of the novelty keycaps like the spiderman one on the Esc key.
Tai Hao Avatar Keycaps
Looking to trade these for other Tai Hao sets. Not looking to sell at the moment. This is the keycap set I have.
Please comment before you PM.
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2020.11.24 19:13 BWFCBot [Match Thread] Scunthorpe United vs Bolton Wanderers

Scunthorpe United 0 - 1 Bolton Wanderers (FT)

The Park Avenue Stadium 2020-11-24 19:00:00 UTC
overcast clouds - 9C / Wind 18.34 m/s 170 degrees

Team Lineups

Scunthorpe United
M. Howard, J. Brown, H. McGahey, E. Onariase, J. Bedeau, A. Gilliead, L. Spence, D. Green, R. Loft, A. Beestin, Abobaker Eisa (SUBS: J. McAtee, J. Hallam, T. Cordner, O. Olomola, R. Watson, J. Rowe, M. Hippolyte)
Bolton Wanderers
M. Gilks, A. John-Baptiste, Ricardo, R. Delaney, P. Kioso, A. Tutte, A. Crawford, A. Sarcevic, G. Jones, N. Delfouneso, E. Doyle (SUBS: B. Crellin, R. Greenidge, T. White, R. Darcy, L. Isgrove, S. Miller, J. Mascoll)

Match Events

Scunthorpe United Bolton Wanderers
  (57') Goal - P. Kioso
Substitution - OFF - J. Brown ON - M. Hippolyte (67')
Substitution - OFF - R. Loft ON - O. Olomola (68')
Substitution - OFF - D. Green ON - J. McAtee (73')
  (76') Substitution - OFF - A. Crawford ON - L. Isgrove
  (77') Substitution - OFF - N. Delfouneso ON - S. Miller
Substitution - OFF - A. Beestin ON - J. Hallam (83')
  (90+2') Substitution - OFF - E. Doyle ON - R. Darcy

Match Statistics

Scunthorpe United Bolton Wanderers
48% Possession 52%
6 Total Shots 14
1 Shots On Target 4
5 Shots Off Target 10
0 Shots Blocked 0
260 Total Passes 408
66.15% Successful Passes 72.55%
108 Attacks 83
55 Dangerous Attacks 41
3 Saves 1
5 Substitutions 3
13 Fouls 9
4 Corners 2
0 Offsides 1
0 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
Data is provided by an external third-party source. This thread was last updated on Tue Nov 24 2020 20:42:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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2020.11.24 19:05 Nicholas-14 Does anyone else take any order regardless of pay?

I've heard a lot recently from people who swear by not taking low fare amount orders of $3-$4 total or less than $1 a mile and declining any order that pays this low.
While I think it should be the driver's choice in what order they decide to take, over this summer in July I passed up on 3 orders in a row one night that were relatively low paying for me at the time. After the 3rd order I passed I recieved a message telling me that if I continued declining orders my acceptance rate would go down and I would be less likely to get new orders that would go to other drivers online.
Since then when I'm online I dont pass on any order because I dont want my acceptance rate to go down and because some nights I have to wait 10-20 minutes to get a new order and I'll take whatever I can get to keep busy. Another reason I accept all orders is because a month ago after an app update the amount of money I recieve per order dropped significantly to an average of $.75-$1 a mile from before $1.25-1.5 and all of my orders are relatively low paying that people are saying to not take.
Another update that happened a month ago changed from showing me the fare I will make per order to instead the amount I'm expected to make which includes the projected amount of tips I'll make. I think this is a blatant deceptive way to cover up the change of decreasing earnings per order. I also dont get any surge promotions like I used to every night.
Considering all of these factors, I feel like I should take whatever order I get since waiting for a higher paying order is simply not possible for me. Plus you never know when someone will give a good tip.
Does anyone else take short or low paying orders or has had decreased fare earning changes recently?
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2020.11.24 19:03 twfmade Converting Class to Function, is this right?

original Class
import React from "react"; import ReactDOM from "react-dom"; import ReactDataGrid from "react-data-grid"; import "./styles.css"; const columns = [ { key: "id", name: "ID", editable: true }, { key: "title", name: "Title", editable: true }, { key: "complete", name: "Complete", editable: true } ]; const rows = [ { id: 0, title: "Task 1", complete: 20 }, { id: 1, title: "Task 2", complete: 40 }, { id: 2, title: "Task 3", complete: 60 } ]; class Example extends React.Component { state = { rows }; onGridRowsUpdated = ({ fromRow, toRow, updated }) => { this.setState(state => { const rows = state.rows.slice(); for (let i = fromRow; i <= toRow; i++) { rows[i] = { ...rows[i], ...updated }; } return { rows }; }); }; render() { return (  this.state.rows[i]} rowsCount={3} onGridRowsUpdated={this.onGridRowsUpdated} enableCellSelect={true} /> ); } } const rootElement = document.getElementById("root"); ReactDOM.render(, rootElement); 
Here is my functional component
import logo from "./logo.svg"; import "./App.css"; import { React, useState } from "react"; import ReactDOM from "react-dom"; import ReactDataGrid from "react-data-grid"; function App() { const columns = [ { key: "id", name: "ID", editable: true }, { key: "title", name: "Title", editable: true }, { key: "complete", name: "Complete", editable: true }, ]; const [staterows, setRows] = useState([ { id: 0, title: "Task 1", complete: 20 }, { id: 1, title: "Task 2", complete: 40 }, { id: 2, title: "Task 3", complete: 60 }, ]); let onGridRowsUpdated = undefined; onGridRowsUpdated = ({ fromRow, toRow, updated }) => { setRows((staterows) => { const rows = staterows.slice(); for (let i = fromRow; i <= toRow; i++) { rows[i] = { ...rows[i], ...updated }; } return { rows }; }); }; return (  staterows[i]} rowsCount={3} onGridRowsUpdated={onGridRowsUpdated} enableCellSelect={true} /> ); } export default App; 
This is my errror
TypeError: Object is not a function or its return value is not iterable App 11 { key: "complete", name: "Complete", editable: true }, 12 ]; 13
14 const [staterows, setRows] = useState([ ^ 15 { id: 0, title: "Task 1", complete: 20 }, 16 { id: 1, title: "Task 2", complete: 40 }, 17 { id: 2, title: "Task 3", complete: 60 },
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2020.11.24 19:02 nyxi117 2.3 Mega Update Version (FULL DEV VERSION)

Hi there,Heroes!!
It's time for the in-depth, full Dev version, of the notes fort this coming update.
The 2.3.0 MEGA UPDATE (Live tomorrow- November 25th 2020) is our most feature rich update ever! Grab a snack and a beverage, this is going to be a long one.
Region Select
Rocketeers around the globe, rejoice! Players can now switch regions if they’d like to matchmake using servers in a different location. You can access the Region Select in the Settings Menu in the Front End UI. Here’s the rundown:
-The available regions are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
-The game will default to your recommended or fastest region
-You will only matchmake with your selected region
-Once a match is made in a region, the lowest ping dedicated server in that region will be selected for the group
-The matchmaker will use the party leader’s region if party members have different regions selected
Performance Based XP Progression
We heard your feedback about XP, so we added more! We also reworked the system to focus on rewarding players for participating and taking part in the action. Now, after completing a match, players will gain bonus XP for their personal Damage, Assists, and KO’s. Player’s will also receive XP based on their team’s combined performance in the game, such as Rocketball Goals, Mega Rockets Captured, etc. The more you and your team play, the more XP you receive! You will also still receive the normal match completion XP and win bonuses.
All Artifacts Unlocked
To help even the playing field for new users, all players will now have every Artifact unlocked from the start! All existing players will have the Artifacts they don’t have unlocked, and any new Artifact released in the future will be unlocked as well. Players will still level up their Artifacts by equipping and playing with them, but by unlocking all Artifacts from the get go it will help new players get right in the action without committing tens of hours to unlock them all.
Major Controller Update
One of the main goals of this patch was to improve the controller experience of Rocket Arena. We wanted to make sure the game not only plays and feels awesome, but to help close the gap between controller and mouse and keyboard users. To do so, we’ve completely overhauled aim assist systems, added several more features under the hood, and updated our tuning values to improve overall responsiveness.
Aim Assist Rework
We’ve reworked our entire Aim Assist system to be more intelligent, consistent, and more, well, assistive. Rocket Arena, beneath it’s lovely exterior, is a high skill floor projectile shooter that can be difficult to play at times, especially with your thumbs. So, we’ve updated Aim Assist (and our overall balance, as you’ll see below) to really help you track and hit your targets much easier than ever before.
If you’d like to know more how Aim Assist systems work and what we’ve done, keep reading. Otherwise, feel free to skip the rest of this section!
Most Aim Assist systems generally have two things in common - Magnetism (Left Stick) and Friction (Right Stick). Magnetism pulls your crosshair toward your target and is generally applied when the user is moving the left stick. If the user isn’t touching the left stick, no magnetism is applied and the crosshair won’t move on it’s own. Friction is how much the right stick sensitivity is lowered to slow down your crosshair while it’s over your target, letting you hit the stick to make quick adjustments while keeping your crosshair from flying away. Both of these values can be tuned for intensity, range, angle, etc.
Our main focus this patch was on Magnetism. Our old Magnetism only applied when the user was moving the left stick horizontally, which works in traditional shooters, but in a game with such verticality, it wasn’t always working when you’d want it to be. So, we made magnetism work both horizontally and vertically, so anytime the user is moving the left stick near a target Magnetism will activate. We’ve also added some cool new physics predictions to the algorithm, allowing it to more intelligently move your crosshair, making it much more consistent and easier to use. Finally, we’ve tuned the Magnetism to be much stronger than before, reducing the amount of micro-adjustments to aim.
One last thing, we don’t do any sort of bullet bending or projectile prediction (except for characters with homing or guidance, like Plink or Flux, but those are inherent to their kit). This means there aren’t any “cheats” under the hood; your shots always fire towards your crosshair, we’ve just simply made it easier to position it.
All of these new features and tunings are in the new Normal Aim Assist option. For players who like the previous tunings, you can switch to the Legacy option in the Controller settings.

Controller Changes

Aim Assist
○ Added two Aim Assist levels - Normal (new tuning) and Legacy (previous tuning)
Trigger Tuning
○ Reduced the distance required to activate several abilities mapped to the left and right triggers, helping them be more responsive and activate faster.
○ Reduced how far the triggers need to be released when fully depressed, which helps charged/hold abilities activate faster.
Force Feedback
We’ve done an audit on several ability’s force feedback to make it match the ability functionality better.
Improved input reliability for controllers with “imperfect” left sticks
○ We have seen issues with controllers that have some difficulty detecting if the user is fully pushing the stick in a direction. This could cause the game to think the player was giving less than maximum input and move them slower than normal. We’ve made the input requirement more sensitive so controllers without perfect joysticks should function as intended.

Competitor Balance and Tuning Overview

THE MEGA (mega, me...ga…) UPDATE!
If you’ve looked at the length of this post and thought to yourself “Wow, there are a bunch of changes and buffs in this patch!” ...YUP. Our goal with Rocket Arena was always to make a game that was accessible but had enough room to grow for expert players. However, as we stated above in the Controller Update section, Rocket Arena, beneath it’s lovely exterior, is a high skill floor projectile shooter that can frankly be difficult to play for both seasoned veterans and new players. The focus with this patch is to bring down that skill floor, helping new players have a much easier time getting into the game and have more fun with it.
For this update, we had one driving mantra: make it easier to hit your shots. There are a lot of ways to go about doing that, and we tackled this from a lot of different angles; Ease of Use, Reducing Variability, Reliability, and Consistency. To make this happen, we increased our internal playtests, spending time to look at every ability of every Competitor, giving them a pass or fail until we hit our goals.
Ease of Use
Rocket Arena is a projectile shooter (sorry in advance, I’m going to say this a lot). It’s not a hit scan game where bullets don’t have travel time, it doesn’t have accuracy curves, and it doesn’t lead your shots for you (unless you’re Flux or Plink, but we won’t pick on the kids). So, to be honest, there aren’t a ton of ways you can make it easier to hit shots other than making the projectiles bigger and faster. However, just globally increasing every projectile’s size and speed isn’t a silver bullet, and so in cases where we did do those increases we’ve tried to adjust other things as needed so that making it easier to hit shots doesn’t become a horrible experience for the other player.
Reducing Variability
So, after you make things bigger and faster, what else can you do? You can reduce the variability in the same ability, making it easier to know where your shots are going to go and what they’re going to do. The biggest places you’ll see this are in Competitors with chargeable Primaries (Amphora, Kayi), or Abilities that don’t always fire down the center crosshair (Rev). In the case of chargeable Primaries, we removed scaling the projectile speed, size, and/or gravity before it reaches maximum charge. This reduces some of the uniqueness of the ability, but it also makes it easier to predict what is going to happen with the projectile when you release the input. There is still a difference between the uncharged and fully charged versions of the Ability, but you can just think of it as having two consistent states instead of one variable and one consistent state.
If you hit a button, it should activate (if it can). There were several abilities (Blastbeard’s Secondary, Rev’s Primary, etc.) that, for various reasons, wouldn’t always activate if the player was holding down the input. Not only is this frustrating, but if you’re trying to fire an Ability and it’s not, uh, firing, you can’t hit anything. FireRate x 0 = NoDamage, it’s science.
Consistency in general was a big push for us, not just for making it easier to hit. Part of consistency is covered in Reducing Variability and Reliability, but there were a few interactions in the game where all competitors weren’t playing by the same rules. These include things like Amphora’s Special Ability now canceling instead of activating when picking up game mode objects (Rocketball, Treasure Chest), or refilling Topnotch’s Jetpack fuel when he uses his Special Ability. We also made Rocket Jumping a little easier when looking down for several Competitors, which is helpful, especially on controller.
Let’s Rocket!
All of that being said, this is still Rocket Arena. It’s still a fast paced, over the top, projectile shooter (I said it again, let’s make t-shirts!). It’s still the game you know and love. We just believe, as a shooter, it’s more fun to hit targets instead of missing, and we really feel that Rocket Arena is firing on all cylinders with this update and hope you do too! On to the updates!


As part of Reducing Variability, we streamlined Amphora’s uncharged Primary Fire. It now fires faster and the projectile has a constant radius, so you know exactly what you’re going to get when you pull the trigger. We also unified the uncharged and charged Primary speeds to further help reduce variability. To account for the faster fire rates and speeds, we reduced impulse and damage to compensate.
Finally, as part of Consistency, Amphora could get a pretty big advantage when picking up the Rocketball or Treasure Chest by having her Special activate and launch her into the air, while most other Competitors have their active Specials cancelled. So, her Special now cancels as well.
Charge Torpedo (Primary)
○ Uncharged
Previously scaled between 75 - 180 based on charge percentage
○ Fully Charged
○ Uncharged and Fully Charged
Both versions now travel at the same speed
Hydro Form (Special)
○ Hydro Form now cancels when picking up the Rocketball or Treasure Chest instead of activating the water cyclone
Blastbeard’s Primary was sometimes just a touch too hard to hit moving targets as it required you to aim a good bit lower and to the side because of the arc, which isn’t the most intuitive. His projectile does a lot of damage and it’s meant to be an arc to account for that, but these changes make it so you don’t have to aim quite so low, which helps with Ease of Use.
His Secondary was probably the number one contender for the Reliability Title. It could be interrupted by other Abilities very easily, and depending on how fast you mash buttons (read, me, a lot), you could get in a state where you’d be holding the button down and nothing would happen. FireRate x 0 = NoDamage. The main culprit that was causing this was that it automatically charged and fired if the player just pressed the button and let go (yea, it did that, did you know that?). So, we removed that functionality, and the Charged Anchor now requires the player to hold the Secondary input until fully charged and then release it to fire. This allows us to better handle the ability being interrupted by his Primary or Special, so now if the player is still holding the input after it’s been interrupted, it will start charging again after a short delay. Also, players can now cancel the ability early by releasing the input, removing any funky input gymnastics by Primary cancelling it and then quickly releasing the Secondary input. Finally, we adjusted the UI and animations to help players understand the new functionality a little better.
Rocket Cannonball (Primary)
○ Increased speed from 11000 to 12000
○ Increased arc distance from 4000 to 5000
● Charged Anchor (Secondary)
○ Reworked functionality
○ Ability now cancels if:
○ Ability will now start charging again after being canceled if the the input is still held after 0.35s
○ Updated crosshair UI to make it easier to understand how the ability functions
Boone is in pretty good shape and doesn’t have too hard of a time hitting targets (at 30000 movement speed, his Secondary projectile is the fastest projectile in the game that isn’t a literal laser). The main gameplay change is that his Hover ability (using Megadon Scope while in the air) now resets when Boone uses his Special as well, which isn’t a huge buff, but it feels good, can help him hit a little bit easier, and it’s more consistent since his jumps are reset at the same time. His other updates are quality of life fixes; easier Primary Rocket Jumps and a little less right stick drag on a controller.
Blunderblast (Primary)
○ Increased Rocket Jump radius from 500 to 700
○ Improved controller force feedback
Megadon Scope (Secondary)
○ Reduced controller sensitivity modifier from 0.6x to 0.5x (ie. input will not be slowed as much)
○ Improved controller force feedback
○ Using Zik's Vortex (Special) now also resets Boone's ability to hover during his next mid-air Megadon Scope use
Izell’s Primary got some pretty nice Ease of Use buffs this patch. Her primary was a bit too hard to hit with as it was a little on the slow side. Izell is not meant to be a sniper and her ideal range is intended to be close to medium, but this should help players hit a few more shots at distance.
As with Amphora, for Consistency we reduced how far Izell can travel after she picks up the Rocketball or Treasure Chest. Her Special already ended earlier after picking up those objects (it feels pretty bad to just stop immediately upon picking it up), but we wanted to bring it down a bit further to keep things a little more fair.
● Spear Rockets (Primary)
○ Increased speed from 15000 to 16500
○ Increased collision radius from 120 to 130
○ Increased Rocket Jump radius from 400 to 600
○ Improved camera animation and controller force feedback
○ Reduced scale of primary projectile trail (does not affect gameplay)
● Jaaqua Charge (Special)
○ Reduced the distance Izell travels when Jaaqua Charge is used to pick up the Rocketball or Treasure Chest
Flux received a couple changes to her Secondary with this update, one for balance and another for Reliability. Her Black Hole Cat could be a little too oppressive, so we reduced its maximum size to tone it down. Also, since the Ability automatically charges and fires when pressed, if a player was holding the input to cast it, and then hit their Special before the cast finished, the Black Hole Cat would start casting immediately and pull them out of Fluxverse very quickly. We added a delay where players can release the Secondary input before it will start charging again after entering Fluxverse. This is only a delay if the player is still holding the Secondary input when entering Fluxverse, if instead they hit the Special input and then the Secondary input, it will fire as usual.
Rockats (Primary)
○ Increased Rocket Jump radius from 500 to 650
○ Removed Flux gamepad look sensitivity modifier
○ Improved camera animation
Black Hold Cat (Secondary)
○ Reduced Black Hole Cat's maximum scale by 25%
○ Using Fluxverse now cancels Black Hole Cat's cast and will block it from firing again immediately. If the Secondary input is still held down after 1 sec, the Black Hole Cat will try to cast again.
Jayto, while he may be slept on, can be very strong in the right hands. So, while we did a lot of Ease of Use tuning for other Competitor’s Primaries, we needed to make sure Jayto’s Primary and Special Primary weren’t overshadowed, but still kept in check. For Reducing Variability, we made both forms of his Primary the same speed, slightly increased his normal projectile’s size for Ease of Use, and reduced the impulse of both to compensate.
Skypiercer Rockets (Primary)
○ Increased collision radius from 140 to 145
○ Reduced impulse from 1500 to 1300
○ Improved controller force feedback
○ Reduced scale and emissive strength of the default skinned projectile VFX (does not affect
Rocket Swarm (Secondary)
○ Removed controller sensitivity modifier
Thruster Suit (Special)
○ Increased Triple Skypiercer Rockets speed from 16500 to 17000
○ Reduced Triple Skypiercer Rockets impulse from 2750 to 1750
Similar to Amphora, to Reduce Variability, we removed the scaling on Kayi’s uncharged Primary, keeping the speed and gravity constant. Also like Amphora, her uncharged and fully charged Primaries are still two different projectiles and have different attributes. Her fully charged Primary was in a good spot and didn’t need to be touched.
Charged Bolt (Primary)
○ Uncharged
Previously scaled between 12000 - 20000 based on charge percentage
Previously scaled between was 2.5 and 0.2 based on charged percentage
○ Both
The newest Competitor (humanoid, creature, rodent?) to the tour, Leef, was really in pretty good shape when compared to the rest of the roster after their updates. His infinite ammo and mostly straight firing projectiles aren’t too hard to hit with. However, we fixed an issue with his Charged Beam where it could sometimes pierce Mysteen’s Mirror Shield. So, that counts as Consistency (for Mysteen)!
Charged Beam (Primary laser after hitting four shots)
○ Fixed issues where the damage would be blocked inconsistently by Mysteen’s Mirror Shield
Mysteen is a Competitor with a high “tech” ceiling, and we’re cool with that, but her kit is pretty forgiving and straightforward for new players, which we’re also cool with. This speed reduction on her Primary brings her a little more in line with the rest of the roster, but it’s still one of the fastest projectiles in the game. For comparison, the speed of Kayi’s fully charged Primary is 22500, and Mysteen has a much higher fire rate. For Ease of Use, we increased the Rocket Jump radius of her Primary to make it easier to do so.
Rocket Cards (Primary)
○ Decreased speed from 22500 to 20000
○ Increased Rocket Jump radius from 400 to 700
○ Improved camera animation
○ Increased visual scale from 13.5 to 14.0 (does not affect gameplay)
Mirror Shield (Secondary)
○ Fixed issues where Leef’s Charged Beam (Primary laser) would be blocked inconsistently, letting
damage through
Phantasm (Special)
○ The Phantasm will no longer display game mode specific overhead UI (Treasure Chest, Rocketball
Variants, etc.)
Levitate (Jump)
○ Improved functionality while underwater on Shimmering Depths and Star of Crater
The difference between Plink being underpowered, balanced, and overpowered lies in a very small range on his Primary homing distance. For Ease of Use, we increased the range in which his shots can start homing by a bit. We also greatly increased the Rocket Jump radius on his Secondary, which makes it much, much easier to Rocket Jump with.
Scrap Rockets (Primary)
○ Increased homing distance from 3500 to 4000
○ Improved camera animation and controller force feedback
Boomerang (Secondary)
○ Increased Boomerang Rocket Jump radius from 256 to 650
Rev’s primary was a little inconsistent to hit with, primarily because her projectiles alternate shooting on each side of the reticle. This, combined with her fire rate, lead to there being a pretty large gap between the projectiles, making it harder to hit moving targets. For Ease of Use, we tightened the spread and increased the collision radius of her Primary a bit, and fixed up some visuals to match it. For Reliability, we fixed issues where holding down the Primary input would not fire the weapon.
Double Whammy (Primary)
○ Increased collision radius from 100 to 120
○ Reduced horizontal spread from 0.65 to 0.2
have as much variance and fire closer to the reticle
○ Reduced reticle scale by 10% to account for Double Whammy spread reduction
○ Improved camera animation and controller force feedback
○ Fixed reload animation not matching the duration
○ Fixed VFX from disappearing early or being delayed (does not affect gameplay)
○ Added logic to help prevent Double Whammy from not firing after being being attacked or using
an Ability, if the player is still holding the Primary input
Mag Mines (Secondary)
○ Hiding Mag Mines in world UI if it attaches to a player, which was the intended design
○ Attempt at a fix to stop players from getting knocked back really hard when a Mag Mine attaches
to them
Topnotch was one of the only Competitors where we touched every part of his kit. For Ease of Use, we increased his Primary projectile speed a bit. For Reliability we fixed issues where his reload wouldn’t work sometimes, and reduced instances where players may accidently trigger a manual detonation on a controller. To compensate for the slightly more accurate primary, we reduced the AoE radius of his Secondary explosion, which also makes it match the visuals more.
For his Jetpack, there were a couple things we wanted to do with it. First off all, we felt that Topnotch was able to stay very high up in the air for long periods of time, which makes him more difficult to hit and more oppressive to his opponents. However, Topnotch is designed around his Jetpack, so we didn’t want to make him walk around on the ground. So, our goal was to reduce how long he could stay very high up but still allow him to be in the air. To do this we made him be affected a little more by gravity and increased his fuel drain rate, which reduces how high he can get. For Consistency, we made his Special now refuel his Jetpack, as every other Competitor’s Special refreshes their air jumps. The end result of all of this is that Topnotch can stay in the air with smart usage of his Special, he just can’t stay glued to the ceiling forever.
Bouncing Beauty (Primary)
○ Increased speed from 15000 to 16000
○ Reduced conditions that could block or cancel reloading
○ Increased minimum hold time required for manual detonation from 0.19s to 0.225s on controller
○ Increased Rocket Jump radius from 500 to 700
○ Improved camera animation
○ Tuned visual scale curve for better visibility (does not affect gameplay)
Zephyr Strike (Secondary)
○ Reduced AoE explosion radius from 2750 to 2400
Artillery Salute (Special)
○ Now refills Topnotch’s Jetpack fuel
Jetpack (Jump)
○ Overview - Jetpack gravity and fuel drain rate increased, Artillery Salute now refills fuel
This reduces the time it takes to consume a full fuel tank from 2s to 1.88s
This makes gravity affect Topnotch more
○ Add blinking flare VFX feedback when near the KO ceiling Jetpack shutoff

Game Modes

A short section, finally! In general, there weren’t too many updates to existing individual Game Modes. However, there are some huge additions relating to Game Modes in regards to Bots, Playlists, and Matchmaking, as you’ll see below.
We also added a couple fun new modes for the Frost Festival event: Snowball Fight and Turbo Knockout that will be available December 9th-Jan 5th.
New limited time event mode - Snowball Fight!
○ SNOWBALL FIIIIIIIGHT! Knockout your opponents with infinite Snowballs (a new Frost Festival event item)! Players start with a Snowball item and will automatically be given a new Snowball after using their current one. All Random Item Boxes are removed in this mode.
New limited time event mode - Turbo Knockout!
○ Fuller, go easy on the rocket fuel! Players have greatly reduced Ability and Dodge cooldowns and move faster in this Knockout game mode! LET’S GO! (For what it’s worth, Turbo Knockout was shorter than its original name, Super Mega Turbo Knockout World Tour Redux 2.3)
○ Bots can now play Mega Rocket, Rocketball, and Treasure Hunt game modes!
Mega Rocket
○ Reduced the strength of the impulse when the zone spawns by 25%
○ Fixed issues where players could capture a zone while underneath the it
○ Mysteen's Phantasm will no longer display the game mode overhead UI (Treasure Chest,
Rocketball Variants, etc.)
Bots and AI
Another major focus of this update was improving our AI. In this update we’ve added scaling difficulty for all bots, and increased the number of modes they can play.
These two things are great on their own, but most importantly, since bots can now play all of the modes, it allows us to add to bots PvP matchmaking and backfill if not enough players are found. This means a seriously huge reduction in potential queue times.
Bot Difficulties
To go along with our initiative to make this game fun for everyone, we’ve added four new Bot Difficulty Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme.
● Easy
○ Easy bots move slightly slower and are a little more floaty than normal players. The difficulty of the Easy bots are what the name says: easy. But that’s OK. Most existing players will never see them, and most new players will only see them for their first few games while they’re learning the game. But, the difficulty is here so that players of all skill levels can enjoy Rocket Arena.
● Normal
○ Normal bots are the default difficulty and are capable. The difficulty is slightly lower than that of the current Competitor bots.
● Hard
○ Hard bots are what most average or better than average players will fight. They have better accuracy, deal more damage, take less damage, and move faster than a normal player. Players can equip Artifacts to do these things, so we felt it only fair to give our robot friends the same treatment.
● Extreme
○ Extreme bots are here to play! They deal even more and take even less damage, move faster, heal faster, and have lower cooldowns.
Bots in PvE (Co-op)
Since bots can now play all of the game modes, we’ve added all the modes to the Co-op Arena playlists to provide some extra variety.
Bots in PvP (Competitive)
As stated above, bots will now fill in for players in all standard playlists if not enough players are found during matchmaking, in both PvP and PvE. In PvP, the matchmaker will first try to find a 3v3 of all players, then a 2v2 with a bot on each team, and finally (after a while and hopefully not often), a 1v1 with 2 bots on each team. Also, for limited time event game modes, bot backfill may not be available.
We know Rocket Arena is best played with a team of full players and everything we’re doing in this update is designed to get as many players playing as possible. However, backfilling with bots gets people in games if they’re having trouble finding them, and ultimately our hope is that if people are getting queues, they keep queuing, and then we’re matching more players with other players and have to use this feature less and less. We’ll be keeping an eye on queue times and evaluating the time breakpoints for adding bots to PvP.

Difficulty Scaling

Bots scale their difficulty in PvP (Competitive) and PvE (Co-op). In both cases, the bots are scaled to the skill of the players, but PvP and PvE do it a little bit different from each other.
PvP (Competitive Arena, Knockout, etc.)
○ In Matchmaking, bots will scale in difficulty based on the average Skill level (ie. MMR) of the players
PvE (Co-op Arena, etc.)
○ Unlike PvP, each player will have a Bot Difficulty Level independent of their skill (so, not MMR)
○ In matchmaking, a bot will be added for each player’s Bot Difficulty Level

Playlists and Matchmaking

We renamed a few playlists (again, once more, with feeling!), increased the number of modes in Co-op Arena, and players should now see reduced matchmaking times in PvP with Bot Backfill. We’ve also updated the first time player flow.
Oh, and about that whole “we can backfill bots in PvP” thing?
Well, the Knockout playlist heard about that, called us up, and was like “put me in the game coach!”
Bots in Matchmaking
○ Bots will now fill in for players in all standard playlists if not enough players are found during
matchmaking (both PvE and PvP)
Play vs AI
○ Playlist renamed Co-op Arena
○ Contains Rocketbot Attack and Bot versions of Knockout, Mega Rocket, Rocketball, and Treasure Hunt
Social Arena
○ Playlist renamed Competitive Arena
○ The Knockout playlist returns to the Tour!
- NOTE: This may potentially be a few days after the release of this update
First Time Player Update
○ After the tutorial, players new to Rocket Arena will be required to play 5 games in the Co-op Arena playlist against Easy bots before unlocking the rest of the playlists.
The Frost Festival (December 9th-Jan 5th) has 3 new item variants for you to play with!
New limited time event items - Snowball!
○ Throw a Snowball to freeze opponents in a block of ice for a short period of time! Brr!
New limited time event items - Frost Festival Gift!
○ Use the Frost Festival Gift to grant your team Snowball items and start a snowball fight!
New limited time event items - Puck Mine!
○ Throw the Puck Mine and watch it slide across surfaces and bounce off walls. Give your opponents 5 for firing!
Trip Mine
○ Impulse decreased
Goodbye yellow submarines, water isn’t as punishing, train hits rocketballs and chests. Thumbs up!
Shimmering Depths
○ Reduced the strength of the geyser
○ Reduced the movement penalties while in the water outside of the dome
○ Removed the yellow submarines
Star of Crater
○ Reduced the movement penalties while in the water outside of the dome
○ Removed the yellow submarines
Megadon Junction
○ The train will now impulse the Rocketball and Treasure Chest


-Totems can now be rotated in the Totem menu
-Fixed issues where some controllers would not register maximum joystick input even if the user was fully pushing it in a direction, thus causing players to not move at full speed (see Aim Assist section for more details)
Note to PC users - If you have a controller hooked up and feel that you are moving slower than usual, please try disconnecting your controller, as the above change may make your idle controller affect your movement even if you are using a keyboard. This will be addressed in a future update.
I (Kyle K) was going to write some big long winded conclusion (like the rest of this wasn’t long winded), but I’ve already written over 33,500 characters and reddit has a 40,000 character limit. The only thing I have left to say is THANK YOU to our diehard fans. We literally could not do this without you. THE ENTIRE TEAM has tried our absolute best to go above and beyond and tried to pack as much as we could into this poor little patch for you. We hope you enjoy it!
As always, we value your feedback, so hit us up on the Rocket Arena Discord, Reddit, Twitter, DMs, etc.
-The team at FSG
Note: This update is scheduled to be live, tomorrow, Nov 25.
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2020.11.24 18:36 IsabelleLikesTulips Impa's Abilities

Hi, I've just gotten done playing the demo for the third time in a row. I've managed to play so much I've updated many of my character's weapons to lvl 19-20, I figure when I buy/order the full game as a birthday present to myself next month I'll have a nice head start on the game. :)
But last playthrough I did, Impa stopped having that weird shadow clone/spirit ability. I kept pressing x and usually I'd gather up like 20 spirit soldiers and absorb IDs. But the option to absorb never popped up. It just says "follow up" but that follow up is simply teleporting to the individual enemy. No absorption happens. She seems to still be very strong and effective, though. Not sure what's happening.
What do you think is happening? A bug? Or does that spirit clone option just go down when you happen when you level her up enough?
submitted by IsabelleLikesTulips to HyruleWarriors [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 18:16 playtestgg What a year we've had - so damn excited for 2021!

TLDR: I'm a Stadia Founder and work in the cloud gaming industry! I decided to launch a newsletter and share it with all of you! Below is a snippet from the first issue (why I think the cloud gaming is the future)!
Hey everyone,
As a long time gamer (my first console was a Nintendo 64, I primarily played Playstation growing up, and most built my own gaming PC), I'v been super leaned into the cloud gaming space and having a front row seat to to all of this (I work in the gaming industry) has been extremely exciting. As part of my job, I keep up with all things cloud gaming and am usually lurking all the related subreddits (with this community being the largest)! A few weeks ago I decided to start a newsletter - I figured I'm doing all this research, I might as well share it with all of you :)
I focused my first post on why I think it’s the future of gaming (from both a consumer and business perspective).
Gamers win because:
We get the best bang for our buck
Game anytime, anywhere
Businesses win because:
Reduced barrier to entry = growing the entire pie
Recurring revenue rocks
Would love to hear your thoughts. Are there other major benefits you've felt that I missed? I think there are also some (valid) counter points so am open to hearing those as well! If you want to see more opinion pieces like this as well as weekly news and updates - feel free to subscribe to my newsletter here
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2020.11.24 17:59 dozytotoro [KR] [H] Savage65, PLA75, Realforce 87u, KAT Blanks, Montage CF Plate, Space65 Foam, Paypal [W] GMK Sets, GMK Kits, Paypal

Timestamps: Savage65, PLA75, Realforce 87u, KAT Blanks, Montage CF plate, Space65 Foam
Read pertinent information and comment before PMing. (Chat requests will be ignored.) I can also be reached on discord: Seoulcialite#0001.
Buyer priority goes as follows: community friends > bundle purchases > first person to request an invoice. Reasonable offers will be considered.

----- Shipping Options -----------------------------------------------------------------

Airmail with Tracking (10-14 business days): Ranges from $5 (under 300g to Asia) to $30 (2kg to NA/EU)
EMS (3-5 business days): Ranges from $10 (under 500g to Singapore) to $70 (4kg to the US)

----- Haves --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

----- Keyboard -----

Navy Savage65: $300 + shipping ($50 to NA/EU, $30 to Asia)
PLA75: $200 + shipping ($40 to NA/EU, $25 to Asia)
White Realforce 87u 45g + Black Housing + Black Keycaps: $140 + shipping ($40 to NA/EU, $20 to Asia)

----- Keycaps -----

KAT Blanks: $50 + shipping ($35 to NA/EU, $20 to Asia)

----- Other -----

Montage Carbon Fiber Plate: $60 + shipping ($25 to NA/EU, $15 to Asia)
Space65 Foam: $40 per set + shipping ($25 to NA/EU, $15 to Asia)

----- Wants --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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2020.11.24 17:43 EbonyHelicoidalRhino I have an expanding data fetched from an updating json and want to calculate column on those expanding datas

Data A from json Data B From json A & B Sum (from me) Cumul A (from the bottom)
10 3 13 15
5 2 7 5
So i have something like this, but every time i update my data, there are additional rows, coming at the top. Unfortunatly, excel doesn't automatically expand the calculation rows i make. In my example, after a 3rd row is added, the A & B sum would not sum the bottom row, while the cumulative sum from the bottom just becomes flat out incorrect as it would not start from "the start" anymore.
Any way i can get this to auto-fill ?
submitted by EbonyHelicoidalRhino to excel [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 16:39 Pineapple__Warrior Hafo2002 wtf? Can yall actually hosts accept the first 5/10??

Why the hell you accepted me, if you was going to remove me 3min later and don’t invite me to the raid? Can you hosts post “the first 5/10” and ACTUALLY invite the first 5/10? I mean, I am constantly updating reddit for 2 hours, several times I sent the request, went back to reddit and still was on the top 5 of commenting “Added” and the worst are the guys that accept me but don’t invite me, and then after 5min is showing “Catch a Mesprit/uxie” under their profile, and I am not a low level, I am 35, Idk wtf, yes it may have bugged and I didn’t receive the inv, I know, but this rarely happened to me for months, and now it happens 8 times in a row? I am counting, and since yesterday it happened 8 times, I doubt this is just “bad luck” for you guys that are hosting, the first 5 are on the BOTTOM of your friend log, just scroll down and accept the 5 on the beginning they AREN’T ON TOP so instead of saying “first 5” and just accept a bunch of random players, be correct and accept the FIRST FIVE
submitted by Pineapple__Warrior to PokemonGoFriends [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 16:06 killaudio Moonboard 2016 progression video playlist, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the board.

Following the trend of home woodies, lack of access to gyms, and COVID/winter training, I built a moonboard. I was very hesitant to get one because in previous attempts to use it I would either fail spectacularly or barely get to climb anything, but ultimately I thought of that as motivation to try and get better.
The first times I used it I could finish one or two problems max, and maybe link two or three moves in other problems. It felt extremely hard. But the thing was built and it was there taunting me every day, so I had no choice but to keep trying.
I thought it'd be useful to share my process in case anyone else is struggling with starting on the board. This is an ongoing process, but I'm uploading videos of problems I can complete here:
A few notes on my board:
Overall I don't think it changes the problems much, save some of them feeling pretty scrunched at the bottom.
My Moonboard user name is "peicou" and I'm keeping the logbook updated if anyone is interested in what I think is the path of least resistance to start using this training tool.
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2020.11.24 15:06 B00sted0 Upgraded to 5600x - Won't post, boot loops, PLEASE HELP

I was able to get a 5600x to upgrade my current system, I got my bios updated and my Ryzen 5600x installed correctly, but the CPU and DRAM lights on the motherboard are on and the system boots to a black screen for <10 seconds before it powers down and starts over. I have let it happen for a few minutes to see if it powers through and it will not.
I drop my old 2700x back in, boots up no problem. Go back to 5600x, nothing.
I have spent 10 minutes looking at every row of pins at each angle to ensure they are not bent. Yes, it's seated correctly. I've tried every RAM configuration possible. Verified BIOS version. Any thoughts on what I can do before I go for an exchange?
Current Setup:
Board: ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 on 3.42 BIOS
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz 16gb (2x8)
PSU: Corsair RM750x 750w Gold
GPU: EVGA 2070s FTW3
HD: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB
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2020.11.24 14:57 person2599 The new grievous wounds mark is very hard to see (especially in team fights) and needs some of the love that item icons got!

Ever since the latest update, I felt like the grievous wounds usage went down. This is not the case at all, it is just that it is very hard to see
The new icon is dim, and is yellow and red instead of red and white, which makes it really hard to see in team fights. Here are some pictures I collected from youtube videos: https://imgur.com/a/JdL3XVk
It does not show immediately as well, sometimes not visible at all like with the fourth picture where Katarina Ults Renekton.
For some people it might not be a great deal, but it is.
EDIT: Just to be clear on the image: top row is the old one, bottom row is the new one.
submitted by person2599 to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 14:19 B00sted0 Upgraded to 5600x - Won't post, boot loops, PLEASE HELP

I was able to get a 5600x to upgrade my current system, I got my bios updated and my Ryzen 5600x installed correctly, but the CPU and DRAM lights on the motherboard are on and the system boots to a black screen for <10 seconds before it powers down and starts over. I have let it happen for a few minutes to see if it powers through and it will not.
I drop my old 2700x back in, boots up no problem. Go back to 5600x, nothing.
I have spent 10 minutes looking at every row of pins at each angle to ensure they are not bent. Yes, it's seated correctly. I've tried every RAM configuration possible. Verified BIOS version. Any thoughts on what I can do before I go for an exchange?

Current Setup:
Board: ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 on 3.42 BIOS
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz 16gb (2x8)
PSU: Corsair RM750x 750w Gold
GPU: EVGA 2070s FTW3
HD: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB
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2020.11.24 14:05 potootooo How do I [23f] react in a healthy way when I'm disappointed/sad/angry at my new boyfriend [23m] for cancelling our dates?

(update below)
I [23f] started dating my boyfriend [23m] 3 weeks ago, and I'm pretty inexperienced with this kind of stuff. Let's say my boyfriend cancelled an activity last minute for the second time in a row to hang out with friends. I looked forward to this thing so badly because I want to get to get to know him better and do something else than hang out indoors.
I'm kind of disappointed and hurt because I looked forward to it so badly and this time he insisted we'd go do it. I planned my day to be able to see him this afternoon. I feel all these things inside of me but I don't want to be bitter. I can see that it's something rather small but I hate this kind of stuff so much. In a different relationship long ago, my ex also used to cancel our dates almost every single time or just not show up at all without saying sorry, and I just let him do it over and over again.
How do I react in a mature way? How do I channel my emotions in a healthy way without overreacting? What do I tell him?
tl;dr: I feel disappointed and hurt because my boyfriend cancelled on me last minute twice in a row and I want to know how to channel these emotions in a healthy way so I don't come off as immature and push him away
I texted him to tell him I was disappointed and a bit hurt, and that I would like to be able to count on people that I make plans with. He told me that it's sad that I think about it like that. I told him I don't want to fight, and I want to see him tonight to talk. He told me he's made plans already for tonight, so I told him that the next time i'm free is late at night in two days. He said "then we'll see each other then".
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2020.11.24 13:07 faze_fazebook Right now, if you can afford it, its time to get into the Apple Ecosystem.

I think right now with the release of the new Macbooks we have reached a point where most people would be best off if they start replacing all kinds of computers with Apple devices over the years.
Now this shit isn't comming from someone who previously went against Apple as hard as possible. I used to have an Android Phone, Windows Notebook, WearOS Smartwatch, Samsung Tablet, Android TV Stick, for streaming... basicly I avoided Apple as much as possible because I thought its overpriced garbage from a company who doesn't give fuck about their customers. And that seemed to be true at the time : awful unreliable butterfly-keyboards, iPhones that had the same old ass Design for 4 years in a row and iPads that were useless beyond the most basic tasks and knowingly slowing down older devices.
But in the last 2 years a lot changed. Apple somehow started listening to ther customers it seemed. Gone was the butterfly keyboard, iOS just became way more customizeable and both the basic 300$ iPad and the iPhone SE offer amazing value. In fact right now most mainstream Apple products (excluding Accessoires) offer average value compared to simmilar devices at worst and off the charts amazing value at best, especially because Apple products actually get more than 2 years of Software support.
The problem with these other platforms is that they didn't innovate much in the last years and still struggle with the same problems they had 5 years ago.
Windows 10 still is a mess. Broken updates, random ass errors, horrible store, awful inconsistent UI design. Android Apps are still usually behind their iOS version, Updates are still slow and 2 or 3 years of System updates is a joke. Speaking of joke - WearOS. I don't to elabortate further.
Apple finally plugged their last two big holes in their Ecosystem. Good, powerful Notebooks that don't thermal throttle constantly and a smart speaker that doesn't cost a fortune.
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2020.11.24 12:00 ch_scorebot [Game Thread] Tuesday, November 24th 2020

Grab your gear, crack some beers, and get ready to cheer! LET'S GO COLLEGE HOCKEY!


Live Scores Bot (ME!)

Built by redsoxfan2194

Comment Reporting Guidelines

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Men's Scores

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Streaming Quick Links

Home team determines the rights to the telecast
TV Network Streams1 Paid Streams2 Free Streams2
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AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain CHA Digital Network Cuse TV
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Fox Sports Go4 NCHC.tv Pac-12 Live Stream
NBC Sports TSN Direct5 RPItv YouTube Page
NESNGo CBS Sports Live6
1: Requires Authenticated Login 2: Potentially Subject to blackout if televised in your area 3: Games on FS1/FS2/BTN 4: Games on Fox Sports Regionals (Rebrand following sale to Sinclair pending) 5: Available as direct subscription or with TSN cable subscription (CA only)
6: Non-NESN games, games on NESN are found here (blacked out in NESN's tv territory, or at least in theory)

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